Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my Next big shift in life

Wow... Things are going to be different,

After my little adventure to Orlando this past weekend, meeting Gary Vaynerchuk, and finally taking my prescribed medication for ADHD.. which I had stopped taking for awhile to give my body a break, I came to the realization that I can + should get more out of life. From now on, I... am going to keep a better web presence!

Here is what I am going to do:

1) At least twice a week, I am going to host a online show, that will last at least 5 mins. I am not 100% what its going to be about, but it will most definitely involve technology. I realized this weekend that, I have a lot of shit to talk about, and its actually interesting and useful.

2) I will update my Blog.. this blog... aaronbitler.blogspot.com at least twice a week, and it will be primary focused around my opinions and ideas.

3) I will update my twitter... which I don't even really know how to use very well (they recently made some changes) at least ONCE a day. My twitter will act like my "status update" ...like what I am doing, what project I am working on, random ideas that suddenly pop in my head.

4) I will use facebook for primary personal reasons.. except the fan pages, which are for work. I will upload my pics to facebook. My rules for facebook are.. and have been, that I will only be your "friend" on facebook if I know you.. and are someone I could have a beer with.. or any other adult beverage.

5) Youtube and Viemo... I will be using you guys to upload my show to.

6) Blogger.. I am going to use you as my website until I figure out what I want to do about a website.. I am thinking Wix or Wordpress

7) Phone.. you as well as blogspot/blogger will keep the glue together. You guys are my central means of communication. I promise to use my phone in the most efficient way possible, with apps and settings that only help that efficiency. And.. I will try... to never let you die

8) Phone.. I am already very good at this, but just to share with the world, I will never let a miss call happen... unless I either cant hear you.. or I am in a situation where answering my phone would not be acceptable, I will always answer my phone... so I guess its a good thing I have Verizon.. sorry at&t your not reliable.

9) E-mail accounts, I am going to have you all forward to the same account, I only want 1 that I have to check.

10) E-mails! Don't worry! It's called "Hustle 2.0" and it means I will read every single e-mail I get (send to aaron@crunchylogistics.com) and respond within 24 hours. (If I don't.. and I can afford it, I buy you a case of beer and overnight it within the next day*)

And because I feel like 10 is a good number well stop there.

*NOTE: I cant afford to buy myself.. let alone anyone else a case of beer, but I will still answer you within 24 hours.. pinkie promise

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