Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Okay guys, I was going to tweet this, but after trying to break up my tweet into 2 tweets (because I was over the limit), I needed to do justice to the cause and explain whats going on.

I was lucky enough to meet GaryV in person after what I am sure was a long day, and I was told I should e-mail him... Well if you have been doing PR for as long as me.. which isnt that long at all, you have quickly learned that trying to talk to the people in charge.. the people who ultimately make the decision, basically the head honchos, is hard.. it is hard to be able to talk to them.. ill tell you another story later down the road about Jeff Han.. basically how the father of multi-touch blew me off and I will never forget it. He PROMISED me an interview for a school project... while on the phone with Jeff he said "Just e-mail me the questions you would like answered"... I e-mail them to him, a week later nothing, so I e-mail him again and a week later nothing.. So I start calling.. my project is overdue, not like he said he would do it for me or anything. It got to the point where I called him everyday, multiple times.. and left messages, and still nothing, I would have gladly taken a "no, aaron, Im busy" ..I would have even taken a Fuck you answer. It was just the simple fact that he never got back to me, that I will never forget about. (Well jeff, move over because you made me just that more determined)

IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. Unless you are talking to a small company, that you will get a chance to have direct conversations with the CEO, and that is why I think this whole concept is of "Husitle 2.0" f-ing cool.

Because it is now 3:39am and it is taking me 2453451324512x longer to write I am going to wrap this up with this: The 24 hour promise is bold, and in principle freaking awesome, but with a auto response video explaining that he is just one person and cant always get to your e-mail right away, we will double the amount of hours to 48.

SO if I/we get a response in 48hrs, it is just as good as if I we got it in 24hrs, at least in my book.
I sent my e-mail at 1:45pm.. so lets see what happens!!

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