Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank You e-mail to Gary Vaynerchuk


I would first like to say THANK YOU for...
1) coming to VA Tech
2) speaking at Tech pro bono
3) being the most interesting speaker I have heard in a long time
4) bringing charisma
5) the cool & creative stuff you gave to the students
6) ..and for really caring about the students, and staying up until every single student had a chance to talk to you, it really shows a lot of character.

In all honesty, it is people like you.. who saw an opportunity, worked their ass’s off, had a little luck, kept working their ass’s off, made it big, AND THEN “paid it forward” ..that people like me, look up to.

I really think more college kids should hear your story because I think you hit the nail on the head, on so many topics. Coming from someone who takes pride in being involved with technology before most other people, you really know your stuff. I could talk all day with you about what and how technology is going to be used in the future (near future). Coming from someone who is also an Entrepreneur, you have a great story that can/will encourage others to do something other than the 8-5 job.

I started my own company about 2 years ago.. and things worked out pretty well in the end, (I merged with another company, Crunchy Logistics.. didn't make any financial profit off the merge, but I am profiting very well in experience/knowledge.. lol) And although I am not making it big, when I share my story with other people, especially the students in the E-Club (Entrepreneur Club), their eyes light up and I can see the wheels turning.. what I am trying to get at, is that when I was in their shoes and heard other peoples stories, and when other people hear our story of how we became an entrepreneur, it helps them figure out what they want to do and encourages them.

I just thought you should know that :)

**This is the 1st half.. the rest is business**

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