Thursday, March 3, 2011

Challenges in PR (Public Relations)

First Post!

I created this Blog so that others could learn from my experience. I recently was asked to handle all of the Public Relations for the company I work for and what a challange has it been.

After gaining some traction and booking some notable news outlets I have been struggling to book more. So far the G4 channel, and Hak5 show have confirmed they will be featuring our company's new product, the mtBAR. I also was able to get a story published in the Collegiate Times and Daily Press, but those stories were more about me than the product or company.

Although I have contacted over 50 media outlets and have sent 100's of e-mails my most recent focus has been on 4 news organizations.

Number 1: CNET, I've called them at least 10 times now, and left several voicemails, and even spoke with Molly Wood for a brief second (she thought I was someone else and said she was waiting for someone and told me to e-mail her).

Number 2: AMD, yes the same AMD that owns ATI, we are using some of ATI's best hardware, you think they would want some free publicity. NOPE.. cant get in touch with anyone. I've called and e-mail both the Public Relations person and the Marketing person and no one will answer. :(

Number 3: Orlando Sentinels Newspaper.. I am having some luck

Number 4: Chicago Tribune.. Since the trade show is in Chicago you would think they would want to cover it.

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